Pfizer Provide Hope, U.S. Surpasses 10 Million Coronavirus Cases

Pfizer's COVID's vaccine over 90% effective
Pfizer's COVID's vaccine over 90% effective

U.S. Surpasses 10 Million Coronavirus Cases, Pfizer Breakthroughs Provide Hope for Ending Pandemic

Pfizer's COVID's vaccine over 90% effective
Pfizer’s COVID’s vaccine over 90% effective

Pfizer, Eli Lilly Break-throughs Provide Hope for Ending Epidemic –

United States, just 10 days after killing 9 million cross 10 million coronavirus cases on Monday.

For the fifth consecutive day the country has report more than 100000 infections,

and public health experts have warn that the country is entering the worst phase of the epidemic.

At-least 237000 Americans have die of coronavirus, since February.

The turning point come as Pfizer announce its coronavirus vaccine candidate more than 90 % effective,

increasing the chances of rapid growth that,

federal regulators would authorize the vaccine on an emergency basis in early December,

and before the end The first shots will administer. Of the year or early next year.

Here’s some most useful evolutions –

The first coronavirus treatment give emergency use authority by regulators on Monday evening,

to protect people with mild illness from developing critical illness.

Moreover, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has test positive for coronavirus,

as the White House is facing a new wave of infection.

Equally President elect Joe Biden announce a new Covid-19 task force.

His ambitious plan to address the epidemic could face hurdles in a divided Congress.

Further Global markets roar on Monday, as investors promise Joe Biden’s White House victory and vaccine news.


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