25 Year BJP Worker Rinku Sharma Brutally Lynched By A Mob In Mangolpuri, Delhi


25-year-old BJP youth worker Rinku Sharma brutally stabbed and lynched by a mob in Delhi’s Mangolpuri.

However, five accused were arrested in the murder of Bajarang Dal Activist Rinku Sharma.

But, Rinku Sharma’s family alleged that accused and Rinku were fighting for a rally organised by Rinku last year to get the funds for Ram Temple, Ayodhya.

After that, Police said that there is a fight between them at a birthday party in Delhi’s Mangolpuri area.

Then there was an argument between Rinku and accused over their eatery business which was shut down due to huge losses in lockdown.

Nasruddin, Islam, Mehtab, Jahid and Tajuddin are arrested as accused in this case.

One more person was taken to custody by the Police.

This five were gone to the Rinku Sharma’s home after that birthday party.

And then they stabbed Rinku Sharma to the death.

After that, He was declared dead at the hospital.


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