Iran Attack On Indian Rafale At UAE Air Base on Rout of Ambala Airbase


Today A First Squardrant Of 5 Rafale Jet Delivered By France to India. There are 7000Km Journey From France To Indian Ambala Air Base.

Indian Rafale Fighter Jet Take a Hold On Al Dhafra airbase in the UAE before Reach To Ambala Airbase.

A Date 28 July When Rafale Take a Hold On Al Dhafra airbase Iran Make a Massive Attack on It By Ballistic Missiles.

Recent Situation Rafal Is Very Important for India because of experts believe That It become a Game Changer In Recent India And China Clashes.

At That Time Iran Attack Maybe Very Disappointed thing between India and Iran Relation.

Iran Knows That Indian Rafales are Make a Stay On That Airbase. After That, They Launch A Missiles on Al Dhafra airbase.

As per Expert Analysing, That may be Attack For Damage Indian Rafale before it arrives on India.

In  Recent Time Iran and China Relations Become a Stronger so May Be some influences on This attack.

China is little afraid of raffle arrival in India.

Why Raffe is So Important To India

India’s Rafale fighter aircraft: All Specifications from speed to weapon capacities. India further asking for HAMMER Missile


As all the 36 Rafale aircraft are distributed by 2022, it will get hold of it to 32 battalions, yet good under the 42 battalions of the permitted power.


Five numbers of Rafale fighter aircraft that arrive in Ambala on Wednesday morning will resuscitate the Number 17 Golden Arrows battalion of the Indian Air Force. It will take the Indian Air Force’s battalion power to 31.


The advance states 4.5 Generation Rafale fighter aircraft can produce nearly twice the speed of sound, with a maximum speed of 1.8 Mach. Including its multi-role capacities, inclusive of electronic battle, air defence, base support & detailed strikes, the Rafale jet gives air prestige to the IAF.

Whereas China’s J20 Chengdu aircraft are named 5th gen fighter aircraft, comparing to 4.5 gen Rafale Jets, the J20 have no real fighting knowledge. While the Rafale jet is fighter proven, having been used by the French Air Force for its operations in Afghanistan, Libya & Mali. It has still used for operations in Central African Republic, Iraq & Syria. Rafale jets can still be loaded with more fuel & weapons than China’s Chengdu jets.


Every jet has 14 magazine stations for weapons. Aircraft provides with particularly most improved Meteoroid air-to-air rockets. Rocket of 190 kg has a Beyond Visual Range – BVR of more than 100 km, flying at a maximum speed of 4 Mach. The F16 aircraft use by Pakistan, take the AMRAAM rocket, which has a Beyond Visual Range of 75 km. India’s Rafale jet can also surpass Pakistan’s F16 jet in altercations.


The Rafale aircraft also approach Storm Shadow / SCALP, the air-to-ground cruise missile with a maximum range of 300 km and is a huge range deep attacks missile.


Rafale is pair for air-to-air MICA missile on it, near quarter altercations & for Beyond Visual Range. At last, India has also asked for Highly Agile and Manoeuvrable Munition Extended Range – HAMMER, which is an air-to-ground accuracy conducted rocket developed by French conglomerate Safran and can also use in opposition of bunker type harder aims within the orbit of 70 km.


1) Wingspan- 10.90 meter

2) Length- 15.30 meter

3) Height- 5.30 meter

4) Overall empty weight- 10 tonnes

5) Top Speed- 1.8 Mach at maximum elevation

6) Maximum take-off weight- 24.5 tonnes

7) External load- 9.5 tonnes

8) Ferry Range- 3,700 km

9) Internal Fuel- 4.7 tonnes

10) External Fuel- up to 6.7 tonnes

11) Service ceiling- 50,000 feet

12) Land surface run- 450 meter


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