Actress Ameesha Patel Answers To The Reports Of Defrauding The Businessman


Actress Ameesha Patel finally Answers the reports suggesting that she defrauded the businessman Ajay Kumar Singh.

Many reports suggested that she asks the businessman Ajay Kumar Singh to invest in her movie Desi Magic in 2017.

That according to that businessman he transferred 2.5cr rs. to the actress.

But, After that, she did not do that movie and also did not returned the money to the businessman.

So, businessman Ajay Kumar Singh files the petition against the actress Ameesha Patel.

Now, Ameesha Patel posted a post according to this issue.

She said that “As a public figure I wake up2 hilarious and ridicules humour on the professional and personal front Repeatedly.

Then she also added ” I see old rumours and gossips resurfacing constantly. Come on guys, get a life”

“Enjoy every moment of gods gift to us. Just like I am dong.. Cheers”.

So, she discards all the rumours of her defrauding the businessman.


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