Breath:Into the Shadows, Web series REVIEW


Breath: into the shadows has been streaming on Amazone prime since 10th July. This web series is the come back of junior Bachchan in the industry.

His last movie before this web series was Manmarziyaan released in 2018.

This lockdown has come as a game-changer because some web series are giving very tough competition to the Bollywood in the OTT platform.

Like ASUR a mythology masterpiece or patal lok a society crime thriller has able to gain the audience’s love and support.

Because of this many big Bollywood movie has turned to the OTT platform and has decided to release on Disney Hotstar like BHUJ, LAXMIBOMB, SADAK, etc.

Now there is one more exciting web series launch on Amazone prime named Breath: into the shadows. This web series is the next season of BREATH where lead actors are R.Madhvan and Amit shade.

But there is no connection between them so if you had not watched the breath season 1 still you can watch this series without any trouble.

Breath: into the shadows has a total of 12 episodes which are 45 to 50 mins longs.

This time story starts in Delhi where Avinash who is a psychiatrist is living peacefully with his wife Abha and daughter siya.

Dr. Avinash also helped police in solving many criminal cases.

The second main character is inspector Kabir Sawant who is in jail because of one incident that happens in the past but he is coming out of jail soon.

He is a crime branch officer who is known to solve many big cases with his intelligence and he can go any level to solve the case whether it is legal or illegal.

The twits have come where Dr. Avinash’s daughter Siya has been kidnapped and rather than asking for money the kidnapper asked Dr. Avinash ko kill some people.

Means to see alive siya Dr. Avinash has to kill some people. Then Dr. Avinash has started to kill those people to save the life of Siya and the inspector Kabir Sawant has the responsibility to solve this case.

Can Kabir Sawant stop these murders? Or Dr. Avinash can do these murders successfully.

And who is this psycho killer who is wanting Dr. Avinash to kill this killing and why and what is his connection with Dr. Avinash? This all questions answer will be given in Breath: into the shadows web series.

This shows how all the murders connection is joint with Indian mythology and RAVAN is made this concept is very unique in the industry and we haven’t seen this type of story before.

But sometimes series looks a little lengthy because of 12 episodes. Where talking about acting, Abhishek Bachchan’s expression look sometimes so down and no emotion looking on his face.

But Amit is looking superb and performed quite exceptional in the character of inspector Kabir Sawant. Nitya Menon’s chemistry with Abhishek Bachchan is not looking up to the mark but she acted well all over as Abha. And other supporting actors like Shruti Bafana, Rishikesh Joshi are acted really well in the series and dominate all of their scenes.

So, in a lesser word Breath: into the shadows is a very powerful series where you can see a very unique content.

From my Breath: into the shadows 3.5 stars from 5 stars. Do watch it, everyone.


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