Mustafa Raj and Priyamani Marriage Truth

Mustafa Raj and Priyamani marriage
Mustafa Raj and Priyamani marriage

The Family Man entertainer Priyamani union with Mustafa Raj has been tested by his first spouse Ayesha, asserting that she is as yet hitched to him.

Mustafa and Ayesha isolated in 2013, and he wedded Priyamani in 2017.

Ayesha has asserted that she and Mustafa have not sought a legal separation.

Mustafa is as yet hitched to me.

Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage is invalid.

We have not sought legal separation and keeping in mind that wedding Priyamani, he announced in the court that he was a lone wolf, Ayesha told.

At the point when Mustafa was reached by the distribution for his remark, he denied Ayesha charges.

The charges against me are bogus.

I’m paying the youngsters’ upkeep to Ayesha routinely.

She is just attempting to coerce cash from me.

Mustafa proceeded to say that Ayesha and he were living independently from 2010 and got separated in 2013.

My marriage with Priyamani occurred in 2017, for what reason was Ayesha calm for such a long time?

With respect to the postponement, Ayesha said, As a mother of two kids, how would you be able to respond?

One attempts to figure it out agreeably yet just when it doesn’t work out, a few stages should be taken on the grounds that you would prefer not to miss out on time which he has been utilizing against me now.

In the interim, Priyamani rose to cross country conspicuousness after her job of Suchitra Iyer in Raj and DK web series The Family Man.

She was as of late found in The Family Man 2 and gathered a lot of appreciation for her nuanced execution.


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