Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case Update: Emails by Shekhar Kapur his Detailed Statement to Police


Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case Update: Emails by Shekhar Kapur his Detailed Statement to Police.

Film producer Shekhar Kapur isn’t in a town and so he has submitted his detailed statement for Sushant on email.

Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on 14th June 2020 and the inquiry is in process.

Now, the Police of Bandra has collected a statement from film producer Shekhar Kapur, who had signed Sushant for his film Paani, which stood over in 2015 after Yah Raj Films pulled out as the producers.

The Bandra police asked Shekhar Kapur in connection with the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case.

As Shekhar isn’t available in Mumbai, he has sent his detailed statement to Bandra Police through an email.

Confirming for it, a senior IPS officer told the portal, ”We have asked Shekhar to visit and record his statement based on the tweet he shared a day after the Sushant’s suicide.


Shekhar Kapur had sent some details through the mail, which we are considering but we need more simplicity on it. Shekhar’s detailed statement will be recorded soon as he comes back to Mumbai.”

Shekhar knew people behind the Sushant’s suicide, he had tweeted a day after of Sushant’s death.

So the Maharashtra state government had called an inquiry. ”I knew the pain you were facing.

I knew the story of the people that disappointed you so awful that you would cry on my shoulder. I wish I was around the last 6 months.

I wish you had extended to me. Whatever happened to you was their Karma. Not yours.” Film Producer Shekhar Kapur tweeted.


Likewise, the IPS officer verified that they will be recording Actress Kangana Ranaut’s statement for other inquiries as Kangana claimed Bollywood based nepotism in a video. But she is now at her hometown in Manali, she will be called soon to give the statement.


Way out reported also, that Mumbai state police gave Sushant Singh Rajput’s electronic gadgets to Kalina Forensic Lab for further inquiry. From the Forensic lab, the toxicology report of Sushant is also most awaited.


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