Taapsee Pannu Statement against Kangana Ranaut

tapsee pannu and kangana
tapsee pannu and kangana

Taapsee Pannu has said that she doesn’t miss kangana ranaut on Twitter as she is excessively “immaterial” to her own life.

Last month, Twitter for all time suspended entertainer Kangana Ranaut’s record for rehashed infringement of rules, explicitly.

its “Contemptuous Conduct and Abusive Behavior strategy.”

The ‘Sovereign’ entertainer and her sister, Rangoli Chandel, have frequently taken delves at Taapsee out in the open, considering her a “B-grade entertainer” and “sasti duplicate (modest knockoff).”

Taapsee pannu statment

“I don’t miss her.

I didn’t miss her or need her before moreover.

She’s excessively superfluous for me, in my own life.

She’s an entertainer, she’s a partner in that regard.

However, more than that, she doesn’t hold any importance in my life.

I don’t have any affections for her, fortunate or unfortunate.

Furthermore, I think disdain and love both come from the heart.

In the event that you disdain somebody, it comes from the heart.

In any case, the most exceedingly awful is the point at which you couldn’t care less; when you’re aloof towards that individual;

when that individual doesn’t hold any worth or importance in your life.

I believe that is the most exceedingly terrible inclination an individual can have for the other.

Furthermore, that will be that, so it doesn’t make any difference to me,” Taapsee revealed to Hindustan Times.

Kangana, known for her regularly incendiary tweets, had posted a few messages following the Mamata Banerjee-drove Trinamool Congress’ success over the BJP in West Bengal and occurrences of post-survey brutality.

Requiring President’s Rule in the state, she additionally censured Banerjee for the viciousness and called her unpublishable names.


These is Clear Thinking about Kangna ranauat on tapnsee pannu mind and we can gusse that we never seen both in same screen in  future.

These Statement make there relation  worst and as we know that kangana ranauat tweeter account has been permenantly suspended otherwise got sure comment on these statement.


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