Vidyut Jammwal’s Yaara: Movie Review


Vidyut Jammwal’s Much Awaited Movie Yaara is now streaming on Zee5 Premium.

so, whoever waiting for this movie can watch this movie on Zee5. And the Movie is 2hr 10min long.

The movie is all about the chowkdi gang of four friends. which is shown in the title of the movie Yaara.



But there are some testing situations come between them which will be testing their friendship.

These four friends are together from childhood, Vidyut Jammwal and Amit Sadh named Fagun and Mitwa in the Movie.

And other two friends of their named Rizwaan and Bahadur.

These four friends are doing smuggling of Gold, Weapons, Alcohol from Nepal to India.

Because they are too young so police don’t check them in between so it is easy for them to smuggling.

Then they become old and after they meet Shruti hassan aka sukanya who is a college activist. and she is fighting for lower class people to government.

So, After this, they go to jail and their whole life changed.

When they all get out of the jail mitwa couldn’t stop his profession and he goes to Dubai and started working for durrani.

And other three friends Fagun, Rizwaan and Bahadur become a businessman.

After some years mitwa comes back to their life and then comes testing time for this three friends to help mitwa aur not.

All this answers will be found after watching this movie.

Acting and Direction Yaara:

All the four Actors done a superb acting and you cant get your eyes out of them.

Specially Vidyut Jammwam And Amit Sadh Done a fabulous job.

But Shruti Hassan had not fit in her role and her chemistry with Vidyut Jammwal is not Working well.

Vijay Verma Also acted beautifully and Kenny aka Bahadur also worked well.

But Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Direction is not up to the mark.

Story of the film is not attaching with viewers and suspences also not goes well with the story.

So, I gave Yaara 2.5 stars from 5.

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