Bye Bye 2020: Welcome 2021, Most Hopeful Year For The World.

BYE BYE 2020, WELCOME 2021

So, Today is the last day of the year 2020, which is one of the most horrifying year for the world.

2020 has been very tough years for all the people because of the COVID-19.

Many many people lost their lives because of COVID-19.

Because of lockdown in the world, many people lost their jobs also.

The economy of all the country almost goes down in negative because of the lockdown.

Total no. of 83,264,560 cases have been registered of COVID-19 across the world.

1,816,164 people lost their lives because of COVID-19 outbreaks in the world.

But, Now vaccine of COVID-19 has almost arrived in the world.

And now from January, Vaccination across India will be started.

So, All the people across the world are very hopeful from the new year 2021.

That this year will give us freedom from COVID-19.

We can roam around the world as we did before the pandemic.

Can meet out beloved once freely.

So, Its Happy New Year to all the readers of Newzyfy.


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