China Afraid From Narendra Modi’s Ladakh Visit


Chinese Government Sends A Message That they Can Sort Out The issue By Talk after Narendra Modi’s Ladakh Visit.

These are the same China Who Said That We are Not Move Back Uptill India Don’t Go At The Finger 2 Position Now What Happen After Narendra Modi’s Ladakh Visit They Just Want to discuss The Matter By Talk.

Upcoming News Said from sources That China now understands Narendra Modi Has No Mood for Pull Back After Modi Visited Ladakh And All Other heavy Arteries and Immunisation Purchase by India are clearly so Indian Government is reddy defense The china any situation.

In This Condition, All Knows If china Takes any wrong Discussion Then It’s make a game-changer mover for china. That’s Why China Just Hold There Position Not Move any step ahead.

Chinese army very well knows That the Indian Army is also one of the strongest armed forces in the world if any mess accrues they have to get ready for the result.

Many analysts says That china make a stunt for distracting the world from COVID 19 situation but They are a mess with the wrong country this time so it makes both side worst impact on Chinese GDP and Chinese Reputation In the world.

Narendra Modi Strongly announces in Ladakh Speech That They Are Not Pull back they know how to Defence and How To Attack so If That Situation arrives china has to face the war endgame.


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