Glance on China: India & Japan, Modi-Abe Summit meeting could be carried in October; Than Philippines next.


India & Japan are evaluating if the Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe can be carry over phone meetings.


India & Japan have resume talk about to set dates for the annual summit between PMs Narendra Modi & Shinzo Abe, probably in October. The summit is awaited to target on an aggressive China that has been trying to differ the situation on its borderlines with India & in the East China Sea around the Senkaku Islands, people-friendly with the advancement.


Modi & Abe summit, beforehand arranged to be carried previous December in Guwahati, was set back due to riots in Assam over the transit of Citizenship Amendment Act-CAA rule. Talk about on the next date were standstill after the virus that begun in China extended around the world soon after killing over 6 lakh humans & decreasing the world economy.

But as the world tolerated, Xi Jinping went on an burn out to swell its territory in the South China Sea & its space border with India. It has after proceeding the process to get its command to remove across the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh but the soldier’s disengagement process has been an unhurried and premeditated process.


A defense white paper by the Abe govt. given this week calculated Chin’s violent moves in the East China Sea & the South China Sea and its ‘relentless attempts’ to change the situation by intimidation as a key concern.

Shinzo Abe govt, which had griped a headliner in working the parallelogram security dialogue process in the Indo-Pacific part, also noted that a regional assistance plan ‘had not been sufficiently institutionalized’ in the Indo-Pacific part. The quadrant contains the US, Japan, India & Australia with the doors open for others to participate.

While the summit, India & Japan are also awaited to formalize a coordination sharing pact, attainment and Cross Servicing Agreement that would give military of the two countries pass to each other’s bases.


Japan would get entry to major Indian naval bases inclusive of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which lay near the Malacca Straits through which the biggest amount of Japan’s but also Chin’s a trade & fuel supplies is transported. It would also help India’s naval ships to forward ships more to counter Chin’s enlarging existence in the Indian Ocean. India had confirmed an equal agreement with the US and has frozen the pact with Australia the other members of the quadrant.

A govt formal said the summit could be carried in October, not earlier. It is not sure yet if PM Abe would travel to India for the summit as had been scheduled before or take the summit meeting over the phone meeting.


India is awaited to also amplify decisive tie-ups with other ASIAN countries that have also been at the taking end from Beijing. The official said ‘We forecast a meeting between PM Modi and Rodrigo Duterte Philippines President soon’, adding that it could also be carried in October. Rodrigo Duterte was assumed to travel to India in March but the consensual meeting was delayed due to the global epidemic. Apart from increasing defense collaboration, India & the Philippines are awaited to join hands to establish free navigation & overflights in the South China Sea.


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