Huge Protest In Colombia, As 19 People Died and Around 800 Were Wounded.


Colombia Protest: Big Tax Reform protest is going on in Colombia for the last 4 or 5 days, As 19 people died and around 800 were wounded.

As per sources, 18 civilians and 1 policeman have died in violent protest while 846 people including 306 civilians are injured in this protest.

However, Police had arrested around 431 people from this protest.

But, Some of the people accused to Police of firing bullets at the protesters.

After facing this protest the President Iván Duque ordered the tax reform proposal to withdrawn from congress.

And on Monday, Colombia’s finance minister also resign from his post.

After that, Jose Manuel Restrepo becomes the new finance minister who was an economist.

The protesters are claiming that this bill will make Colombia poorer in the middle of the coronavirus crises.

Despite the withdrawal of the bill, The protesters demand new demonstrations.

The United Nations and European Unions warn of the use of excessive forces against the protesters.


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