Israel Attacks Gaza With More Airstrikes, 26 People Dead


The tension between Israel and Gaza increasing day by day as Israel attacks Gaza with more Airstrikes.

However, Around 26 people were dead including 9 children and Women as per reports of Gaza health Officials.

Israel said that about 18 of them were militant.

They also claimed that it is the home of Hamas big commander.

Israel targets two high rise buildings where militants believed to be hidden.

But, Earlier Hamas bombed south Israel with hundreds of rockets and they killed 2 Israel people and 8 were injured.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in the evening that more airstrikes are coming in their way.

Above all, He gave this statement after meeting with defence officials.

He also added that “Hamas will receive more blows that it didn’t expect.

Now, Looking at the rising tension with Hamas, Israel widening its military campaign.

They are sending their 5000 reserve soldiers mobilization.

This conflict was escalated from both sides throughout the day.


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