Ivanka Trump visit Gaston County, Donald Trump tested positive for Covid.

The president Trump announce that he had coronavirus
The president Trump announce that he had coronavirus

Ivanka Trump visit Gaston County on Thursday. Hours later, the president announce that he had coronavirus.

Ivanka Trump visit Gaston County
Ivanka Trump visit Gaston County

According to White House officials, Gaston County, N.C. – Ivanka Trump has test negative for Coronavirus.

Hours after his father tweet to President Donald Trump, the news came that he was a Covid-19 positive.

Ivanka visit Gaston County in North Carolina on Thursday before President Trump’s diagnosis announce on Twitter.

She seen wearing a mask while visiting several locations in Belmont.

Ivanka, now known more recently, has close contact with at least three people who have test positive for coronavirus –

Her father, the first lady and Hope Hicks a senior aide to the president.

As well as, it wasn’t suddenly known when the White House inquire about the conditions of Donald Trump, Melania Trump or Hope Hicks.

Any-time someone tests positive for a coronavirus,

Those in contact have the opportunity to determine who and who may be in contact with the patient, and who may then be at risk of exposure.

Symptoms of COVID-19 may be fever, cough & shortness of breath. Most people develop only mild symptoms.

Coronavirus symptoms may take days to appear in a patient, if they appear at all.

Some patients do not develop any symptoms, but may still be at risk for others.

The White House has access to unlimited resources, including a continuous supply of quick result tests.

Through other visits, Ivanka spot with the first family at Tuesday night’s presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio this week.

At Thursday, Ivanka visit several businesses in Belmont & Dallas, communities in Gaston County, North Carolina.

Gaston County is located just west of Charlotte.

Ivanka campaigning for a swing state in the upcoming presidential election during her father’s visit to North Carolina on Thursday.

On Thursday in Belmont, she visit several businesses own by the nonprofit group Holy Angels.

They provide employment for people with developmental disabilities & medical conditions.

Further, Ivanka Trump made a stop in Dallas, North Carolina, where she spoke to supporters.

The video, record during her trip to North Carolina, shown Thursday wearing a mask, talking with people who had gather to join her trip.

The president Trump announce that he had coronavirus
The president Trump announce that he had coronavirus

Trump, the Vice President & other senior staffers have test daily for Covid-19,

since two people working on the White House campus test positive in early May, prompting the White House to take precautions.

Everyone who comes in contact with the president also gets quick results.

Since the early days of the epidemic, experts have question the health & safety protocols at the White House and ask why no more is being done to protect the Commander in Chief.

Trump continue to shake hands with visitors after public health officials warn against it, and he initially opposed being test.

He has been reluctant to practice the social disturbance guidelines of his administration,

For fear of appearing weak, including refusing in almost all circumstances to wear a mask in public.


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