Russian Corona Virus Vaccine


Recently we got the news about Russia made coronavirus vaccine in this article we can see e the news is true or false.

Normally for any vaccine finalization, they have conducted three phases.
After a successful parson from these three phases vaccine got final approval for public use.

Before we no the Russian made corona vaccine is ready or not. We have to understand the phases of coronavirus vaccine trials.

Now any vaccine starts their trials for phase 1 they had to make pre-clinical trials on animals. If they are successful in animal trials for vaccines they can start a human trial after government approval.

Normally this all face trial completion takes to around 2 to 3 years but in the recent situations of coronavirus pandemic, the approvals get faster than normal time. So so we can assume that the coronavirus vaccine in the market arrives nearly 12 to 18 months. After completing all phases of trials.


Normally After Pre clinical Trial Completed on Animals And Then it Start On Human Trial consider as a Phase 1 Trial of ani vaccine.

In The Phase 1 Trial, There Has To be considered a Side effects of That vaccine.

If Vaccine Has Succesful pass phase 1 without any side effects. It is going to be phase 2 Trial.

In Phase 2 Trial There are vaccinate large amounts of volunteers and check the antibody response.

Any Vaccine success rate is calculated as per there antibody because it make human safe against the virus.

There are Many Vaccine Fail On Stage Two Because it is not creat a successful antibody for all.

when Vaccine has Passed successfully from phase 2 it enters Phase 3 where the huge amount of people going to vaccinate.

Then After Successful Pass Three Phases of vaccine Test, any vaccine comes in the market for public use.

Russian Vaccine Truth

Now Russian Biggest News Agency Tass Claim That Rasia Has Reddy Coronavirus vaccine.

Russia Announce That Suchnov University Gamalei Indstutite located in Mosco has Reddy The Corona Vaccine.

Now Russia Has Tested There Vaccine On 40 volunteers in June Month.

18 Volunteers vaccinate on June 18 and Discharge 15 July. Other volunteers vaccinate on 23 June and Currently Not Discharge them.

Now Talk About Results Then Results Of This Vaccine are very Impressive. But This is Very Small Amount Of Candidate Which Are vaccinate so as per Trial This is Phase 1 Trial.

Russia Defence Ministry Give The statement they had successfully made the vaccine and They Come in Phase 3 Trial in August month.

Still WHO also Do Not Give any statement on the Russian vaccine. But as per Who Report, There are 160 Companies or candidates who are recently made Coronavirus vaccine.

In That 160 Candidate, Only 3 Companies are in Phase 3 Trials.

In That phase 3 Trial for coronavirus Companies are sieno firm Chinese origin company, Oxford University which vaccine name is extragenic and Third is Modena from us origin Company.

Russia Has to Give The Statement That They are Going to Manufacture Phase 3 Doses In which they had required 3 crore Doses which are Manufacture by Them On Domestic bases and other 1.7 crore doses are Outsource for Manufacturing. Recently there are 5 countries which are Reddy To Manufacture Russian vaccine doses Manufacturing.

We can See All Scenario It is Good If Russian Vaccine arrives in Market But as per phases trial Russian Vaccine Has to Take More Time to arrive In Market As per the current situation.


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