U.S Media Television Host Larry King Dies At The Age Of 87.


Larry King was a famous television media host of the U.S and he dies today at the age of 87.

However, He used to run a show on CNN “Larry King Live” from 1985 to 2010.

Where he interviewed many world-famous celebrities including politicians, world leaders, entertainers.

He was in the media industry from almost 6 decades. Mr Larry King won many awards for his show.

So, he is a very well known person in the industry.

This US Talk show legend interviewed every U.S Presidents from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump.

He is the father of 5 children’s and grandfather of his 9 granchildren.

As per the reports, After being COVID-19 positive He was hospitalized in Loss Angeles.

He was hospitalized at Cedars Sinai Medical Center since last week.

But, He has also many heart-related problems from many years from now.

As per the reports, he was also battling with lung and prostate cancer.

May his soul Rest In Piece.


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