United States Election 2020 Result – Donald Trump / Joe Biden?

United States Election Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden
United States Election Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

United States Election 2020 Result – Donald Trump / Joe Biden ? Presidency conflict may reach to the courts

United States Election Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden
United States Election Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

United States president – Trump or Biden ? Republican or Democratic ? Who will next President of the US.

and which party will gain control of the White House – these are questions raise by millions of people around the world

and India is even moving towards a tight end by the US presidential election 2020 is.

Current US President Donald Trump is receiving 213 electoral votes for the Republican Party,

Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden is receiving 224 electoral votes, according to Reuters by Wednesday morning.

The New York Times is showing Trump has 213 voters, Biden has 227.

Biden is winning by 224 electoral votes, with Trump having 216.

Biden winning 238, with Trump gaining 213 electoral votes.

270 out of a total of 538 will become the next US president to win the electoral vote.

The fate of both Trump and Biden can be judge well by the outcome in three battlegrounds –

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The outcome of these three states may be important in determining who will get the White House key.

Currently, the US Presidency rests on neck and neck fighting in major states.

Donald Trump has won Florida, an important swing state with 29 electoral votes, and Ohio with 18 electoral votes,

Texas has 38 electoral votes. Biden is project to win a swing state Arizona with 11 electoral votes.

Donald Trump’s victories in the swing states of,

Florida, Ohio and Texas have produce results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and are absolutely significant as these states are yet to declare results.

Michigan has 14 electoral votes, 18 seats in Pennsylvania and 8 seats in Wisconsin.

Moreover, Donald Trump, addressing in the White House, said he is expecting unprecedent results

as Republicans are winning everything and claim that Democrats cannot hold them.

However, Trump alleges that the voting fraud has taken place and he will knock on the door of the US Supreme Court and wants all voting to stop.

Meantime, Biden claim that the election results may not be known until Wednesday morning or later US local time,

but he is optimistic about the outcome.

In addition, to the election of the next president, the US is also voting for the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Senate has 100 members and is a Upper House like the Rajya Sabha of the Parliament of India.

United States has already seen record breaking turnout due to fears of a coronavirus epidemic.

The US is witness to over 160 million votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

President Trump is confident of re election for a 2nd consecutive term.

He tweets with confidence in the favorable results. We are looking really good across the country. Thank you!

Similarly, Trump tweets. He watching the election results from the White House.

As well as, He has invite some 250 select guests to an event in the East Room of the White House.


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