why Taiwan Attack On China

Chinese Sukhoe 35 Destroy By Taiwan
Chinese Sukhoe 35 Destroy By Taiwan

Taiwan Give a Huge Response after many Time Chinese aircraft violate Taiwan Air space.

Today Taiwan Finally Crash Chinese Sukhoe 35 Fighter jet after violating Taiwan Air space.

As in Many Years, Taiwan and Chinese relations are not good because china Claim Taiwan is part of one-China policy.

And Now All the world Know That china is so aggressive to capture the land of there neighbour country by force and by diplomatic reasons.

Chinese Piolot

Now Taiwan is not going to bear any force They so the Chinese air force and beijing that they are ready to fight against him.

Now in the current situation, china also shows it’s aggression to capture the land of Indian territory to change the status O.

They try to do the same with Taiwan but at these times they fail Taiwan to destroy the fighter aircraft of china and so that they can give the same response which china doesn’t expect from a theme.

China Is Currently Not Provide any Official Statment On That News. May Be they Denied From There Point.

Aur Some Diplomatic Angel we can See That Like it is a rumor and All.

Source Of These News Are Social Media and Other News Platforms Trusted Platform so we do not commit any Statment On There confirmation.

But If These News Current then it may be more tension rise in china and Taiwan.


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