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Musk & Bezos – World’s Billionaires Fight over satellite fleet

World’s Billionaires, Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos, Fight overhead Satellite Fleets

Wealthiest men of the world, Musk & Bezos, Fight overhead Satellite Fleets
Wealthiest men of the world, Musk & Bezos, Fight overhead Satellite Fleets

Musk & Bezos – World’s two wealthiest men are putting it out

before US regulators on satellite real estate for their satellite fleet.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has sought permission from the Federal Communications Commission,

to operate Starlink communications satellites in orbit lower than previously plan.

Richest man Musk Receives Axel Springer Award. Inc. of Jeff Bezos says the move would risk interference and collision with its planned Kuiper satellites,

such as those design to beam Internet service from Starlink space.

A controversy that is usually limit to regulatory filings is spreading in public view,

in a spat that shows big celebrities involve as billionaires chasing dreams in the sky.

It is SpaceX’ propose changes that will boost competition between satellite systems,

Amazon tweet on Tuesday from its official news account.

It is clearly in SpaceX’ interest to compete in the cradle if they can,

but it is certainly not in the public interest. The statement follow a tweet by Musk,

the richest man, according to data.

Musk said it does not serve the public today to hamstring for the Amazon satellite system that

it has for the Amazon satellite system.

Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. has launch more than 1000 satellites for its StarLink Internet service

and is base in the U.S., U.K. And signing with early customers in Canada.

Amazon receive FCC permission last year for a fleet of 3236 satellites and has yet to launch any.

Amazon previously urge the FCC to reject SpaceX’ request for lower orbits.

According to the agency filing, it state that the SpaceX satellites would put the Cooper system in orbit.

SpaceX push the FCC back in the call, saying its plans would not increase interference for Amazon’s still nascent plans.

Lower class allows for quick Internet service as the signal does not travel far.

SpaceX to FCC that having satellites nearer to Earth decrease the risk of space junk

cause they fall-out of orbit very faster than taller space-craft.

SpaceX eventually plans to operate some 12000 satellites and has won FCC authorization for about 4400 birds,

with 1584 at 550 kilometers – where its satellites are currently in orbit.

The company is look up permit to place other 2824 satellites at the same approx altitude,

rather than twice as originally propose.


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