Government Declared When International Flight are start

when international flights start
when international flights start

We all Know That Goverment Has Been Suspended international Flights.

From 23 March 2020 Due to corona virus pandemic spread on wide scale in India.

All incoming flights for passenger travel also suspended without declared exact Date on that issue where they can re instate.

As The situation of under control after 15 Month In India During The vaccination Drive make successful impact.

Air india

so The Finally the government has to be decided that.

They can be remove the ban on 30 June for Scheduled Overseas Flight from India To other places in the world.

But in That Scenario Goverment also give the instruction.

That all the passenger who booked the ticket has also confirm.

That where they go in different country of the world has open to travel for tourist or other people.

If another countries whom are currently ban of Indian people for travel due to high rate of corona virus spreading in India.

so make Sure About All These term and condition of different countries and then you can travel the world.


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