Sunday, January 17, 2021
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India Enters In Recession As Economy Shrinks to 7.5%.

India’s Economy downs to -7.5% in the July- September quarter.

And in the last quarter, our economy is -23.9%.

So, Now our Indian economy is now officially in the recession because in last 2 quarter Indian economy is in minus.

But this is not a that bad scenario for the Indians because in this time Most of all the economies around the world are in minus mode.

Because of the lockdown restrictions not many industries are doing well around the world.

But, In this quarter Indian economy is recovering and it is doing well from the last quarter.

So, In this festive season, the demand of the public has been increasing.

And now slowly governments are living the strict lockdown to recover the economy.

GST collections are also very good so we can expect good growth in the economy in the next quarter.

So by this rate, India will come out from this recession soon.



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