iPhone 12 Adopt 7P Lens Module, Boosting Android Competitors to Follow Suit

iPhone 12 release
iPhone 12 release

Apple iPhone 12 Adopt 7P Lens Module, Boosting Android Competitors to Follow Suit


Apple’s new series iPhone 12 set to come with high quality lens modules,

With a new report suggesting that all models will sport the 7P lens module,

Which is expect to improve image & video quality to an extent.

The same report now states that Android phone manufacturers are expect to follow suit & this should increase competition among suppliers.

This report says, which has a paywall behind the entirety of that report.

Despite this, the following summarizes how widespread adoption of the 7P lens module will increase competition.

Next iPhone devices are expect to feature the 7P lens module,

Apple iPhones
Apple iPhones

Which according to industry sources will prompt Android smartphone vendors to follow suit & heat competition between Taiwanese & Chinese optical lens module manufacturers.

Furthermore, for unknowns, 7P lens improves image quality as it increases the light transmission rate compare to previous models.

To remind, the iPhone 11 Pro is great in terms of imaging, it still sports a 5P lens for its ultra-wide camera & a 6P lens for both wide and telephoto cameras.

Adopting the 7P lens module for all four iPhone 12 models can help improve image quality,

But we’ll see how significant those differences are when the first samples come out.

If you’re wondering the iPhone 12 lineup will get an upgrade elsewhere in the optics department as well.

As per reports, Apple is to adopt the same 12 MP image resolution for the iPhone 12 when it launch the iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus in 2015,


But is expect to help the company improve the image will use a large sensor for Quality, especially in low conditions.

In addition, the iOS 14 Beta 1 leak highlights the 4K 240FPS slow=motion option,

And also shows users like LiDAR autofocus, enhance night mode, enhanced noise reduction, bit depth video will get access to facilities.

Even more, needless to say, we can expect a lot from the iPhone 12 camera & since a lot of

Android phone manufacturers will adopt the same 7P lens solution, is more competition better!


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