All The Google Services Including Gmail, Youtube Once Crash Today, Restores After Global Outage


All the Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Playstore, Docs, Google Meet crashed today.

Users are complaining that they are unable to access Gmail and Youtube and all the other services of Google.

But, After some time of crashing all the services are back online for the users.

It was a global outage and this problem faced by all the people around the world.

This is also the most trending topic on Twitter today.

This outage affected billions of people around the world. Gmail shows an error message after accessing the account.

While Youtube was showing “Something Went Wrong” message to the users.

On Other hand in Google Meets users are unable to attend the scheduled meeting.

But, Officially Tech Giant doesn’t reveal any issues regarding this problem.

This problem was there for almost more than an hour.

After more than one hour of a time, all the services are backs to the normal.


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