Elon Musk’s Super Fast Internet Service Starlink Coming Soon In India


Elon Musk’s ultra-fast internet satellite service Starlink coming soon in India.

Multi Billionaire led SpaceX eyes to launch this service in 2022 in India.

Pre-booking of this Starlink service is available on the website in the refundable amount of $99.

However, SpaceX’s website has been listed in many locations in India where this service will be available.

It will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Meanwhile, Starlink is a collection of many small satellites.

And these satellites are orbit closer to the earth’s surface at an altitude of 550km.

But, Much large navigation and communication are operating from 2000km to 35000km in medium earth orbit.

So, Because of the much closer to the earth’s surface Starlink provide much better internet service to every part of the Earth.

Starlink claims to have the latency of 20 to 40ms compare to normal broadband services have 594 to 612ms.

The testing of the speed has been already started in the U.S at 150mbps.

The speed will improve as the company will launch much more satellite.

They plan to launch 12000 satellite and they already launch 1000 of them.


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