Indian Tech News Updates -1


Google Map Update

Google Maps Launch a New Feature That We Can See The Signal Light For Our Routs so We Can Travel as Fast As Possible.

This Feature Can Make our Travel experience More Comfortable.

Profit Of This Feature is we are stuck in Less Trafic signals at the time of travel. We also have an option To take an alternative route.


Tik Tok News Update

Tik Also Stuck In Children Privacy Violation. This Thing Happens in the second Time.

That Time Tik Tok Short Out That Issue by committing That we will not make it again.

But Still Tik Tok Violet the children’s privacy Rule in Many Countries.


Samsung News Update

Samsung Has Started There smart Watch Manufacturing In India.Samsung already Manufacturing smartphones in India.

Now They are one step ahead and Make Smart Watches in India.


Google Chrome News Update

Google announce That They are updating features in google chrome which can increase your battery back up of phone and laptop.

So It Amazing Feature in this time where everyone facing a problem of battery charging.



Garmin News Update

Garmin Launch Solar Smart Watches By Garmin solar. They Made watches that are charged by Solar Energy.


Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + 5G Mobile Platform announced which high-Speed processor with 3.1  GHz Core.


POCO News Update

Poco Gives Clarification about there inbuilt app which had a clash with 59 banned Indian apps. There are many apps available in poco mobile phone inbuild which are banned so poco statements that Indian Government Statement arrives after mobile Phone Boxes are packed.

So They Can Not Remove That Apps in There packed Phones.




Asus ROG 3 is also Launch in India on 22 July with global Launch. Rog 3 Are Launch with Snapdragon 865+ processor.


Amazon & Flipkart Update

Ecommerce Platforms Like Amazon and Flipkart Started work as per government Rule.

Recently Government of India Pass The Rule That Ecommerce Plateform Has to show The Product Manufacturing Origin.

Indian Army Apps News

89 Apps are Banned By Indian Army Officials for Soldiers and Other Persons Who are Directly Connected With the Indian Army.




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