Microsoft Purchase Tiktok in 5BN$

Microsoft Purchase Tik tok
Microsoft Purchase Tik tok

USA Based Microsoft Purchase Tiktok In 5BN US Dollars for USA based Operations.

As we Know Recently India Ban Tik Tok in India.

As per Tik Tok Calculation After Baned in India They are almost Loss 6Bn $bussiness Revenue From India.

India Give The Resoan because Of Chinese Law. China Has a Law That Any Chinese Based Company who are in China Or Other Country A Chinese Intelligence can Use There customer Data.

These Law can Give A full Access of any Country person Data Use By Chinese Intelligence and It was a very threatening situation if the country has a clash With china.

Currently, India and China Have Clashes in Galwan Velly. That time Indian Intelligence points out that China can use Indian Tiktok user’s data in miss-use against the theme.

So That India Decide to ban Tik Tok.

WhyTik Tok sell to Microsoft?

This Big Question Arrive on everyone that Tiktok is a big company owned bytedance. They have a lot of money That why they self acquires Theme self.

well, This Is simple Answer That happens because of Trump Twitts.

Recently Donal Trump who is a president of USA Twitted That Tik Tok Is A treat For the USA. They Thinking Ban On It.

After Lossing Indian Business Tik Tok Can Not Afford To Loss Usa Business Because They are just Launch tik tok In the USA in 2018.

They Are Taking Great Response By Usa and Also getting good revenue by theme so they do not want to lose theme.

So At The end They thing its Batter That Ban From USA than give their USA operations to Microsoft.

So They Sign a Deal with Microsoft That Usa Users Data Can not be accesse by Bytedance.

They also Write a Latter To White house that at least allow Hime to take some of its Minority stacks on USA Tik tok operation but white house rejects there request on It.

Now Microsoft Going to handle all The USA based operation of Tik Tok.

Can Tik Tok Back In India?

All Tik Tok Lovers has the same question so as per the current scenario it can back in India or relaunch in India with Microsoft brand tag.

If Microsoft take a responsibility to safe there Indian user’s database so they might be relaunch Tik Tok in India.


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