Reliance Announce Jio Glass Launch


Reliance Announce for jio Glass for Holographic content and 3d Interactions. Reliance called its Virtual Reality Glass.

Now, what is the meaning of Virtual Reality?

Normally Many Of Us Are Playing VR Games See The VR system In That System You Feel The Place or Location which you see in The Glasses.

In That System, You Can Not Touch It Physically but just Like 4D or 3D Pictures where you can feel the thing which comes on you.

Same Like In This You Can Feel The thing which you see.

The Current Time, There are Many Headsets available In The Market where You wear and experience virtual reality objects.

There are also many Headsets available in Market Where you can Place your phone and experience there picture or movie for virtual reality.

But All Phones Are not compatible with virtual reality experience.

There are some combinations of accelerometer, Gyroscope, proximity sensor, and Magnetometer to detect the user’s Motion.

Now Reliance Jio Launch Lightweight VR Jio Glass Launch. They are set a Thick Glass On BackSide of goggles where normally we saw a lense in normal goggles.

They Are set some Audio system in Its side frame. On the front side of goggles, we can see a camera.

This Jio Glass is a lightweight mixed reality Headset of lightweight in 75 gms.

You Can Connect Your Smartphone using via cable in this Glass. It Makes Your Video Calls experience Totally Different.

In This Googles, You can Experience Holographic Video Calls. which is totally amazing.

What Is Holographic

Holographic is one type of photo technic. This thing happens by capturing raise from any object and create one of a 3D image in Front of you.

This Technic Is called as Holographic Technic.

In This Thing At The Time of Video calling The Person whom you talk with that person 3D Image show in Front of You.

Right Now All The world is going to be digitally after Covid-19. A learning experience also Changes not only school collages but the corporate working style like meeting and all happen on digitally.

so This is a First Step of Reliance jio In The way of successful digitalization on leaning and corporate meetings etc.


Calling features In Jio Glasses

There are Calling Features available in Different way, Holographic, and also 2D Video Calling can Done By Jio Glasses.

Still, Jio Revill expects Price for This Glasses Bt as we can see jio provide all Things in Budget Rate So We also expect For Jio Glasses.

Price and Launch Date are Provided By Jio In Short Time.


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